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Design Services

Combined Electrical specializes in undertaking projects of design and construct entity and achieves successful outcomes by way of their experienced and competent management team. Combined also provides value engineering to its clients as part of maintaining mutually beneficial working relationships.

Project Experience - Design and Construct / Novated

Major projects successfully completed by Combined Electrical include:



Project Description


2009/2001 Spantech RAAF EOD Lightning Protection 50,000.00 up to 500,000.00
2009/2010 GRD Group Good Shepherd - Stage 3 & 4 A  
2010/2011 GRD Group Good Shepherd - Stage 4 B  
2011 GRD Group Pty Ltd Good Shepherd Howard Springs (Stage 4B)  
2009/2010 GT Builders Reveen - 9 storey apartments  500,000.00 up to 1,000,000.00
2012 Gusher Pty Ltd Mt Bundy Medical Centre  
2005 Sunbuild Old Admiralty House  1,000,000.00 to 10,000,000.00
2008 Gwelo Developments Pandanas  
2008 Gwelo Developments Conoco Philips - 6 storey offices  
2008 Gwelo Investments Litchfield Apartments  
2013 Gwelo Developments Soho – 28 storey high rise