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The importance of surge protection for your home

In many parts of Australia there is the imminent danger of lightning strikes to homes. A surge of charged energy pushes through the home’s power supply creating the potential for destruction of electrical equipment and devices connected to the power supply. This could include damage to the television, air-conditioning, refrigerator or computer. With more extensive effects such as rotting food in the refrigerator, or computer hardware damage. Insurance protection does not always cover lightning strikes and this could lead to expensive replacement costs.

Utility suppliers cannot guarantee uninterrupted power supply. Other external factors are at play and even your own power hungry equipment, such as air-conditioners may affect power load. It is not just electric power supply that can be a problem. The phone line or internet cable can also deliver harmful energy to your equipment in the event of a surge. Even minor increases in voltage may harm equipment.

The majority of our electrical equipment is manufactured overseas. Fortunately overseas regulated surge protection standards ensure there is some built-in surge protection in most electrical equipment. However, this does not provide complete surge protection.

To protect yourself and your family from this inconvenience we recommend that you install surge protection in your home switchboard. This will provide additional protection to the entire building by limiting b the power surge entering your electrical wiring system. By installing whole of house surge protection you are providing insurance for your electrical goods against damage, and taking control of those destructive external influences. At Combined Electrical we have experienced electricians who are committed to community safety. Please contact us to find out how we can provide surge protection to your home.