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Power your whole home in a blackout with a generator transfer switch

With the wet season in full swing, heavy rainfall and unpredictable storms are plentiful. These storms and cyclones cause power outages to the home or office. Luckily, backup generators were invented - the perfect solution to Darwin’s power outages. Getting a backup generator for your house and/or office is must have to get through Darwin’s wet season.

A generator switch is a vital add-on to a backup generator system, designed to supply power to an electrical circuit from multiple power sources. There are manual and automatic transfer switches available on the market. Manual generator switches need to be turned on and off in the event of a power outage. This can be problematic if you are not home or in the office during the outage. A safer and more convenient option is an automatic switch that detects a drop in the line voltage and switches on itself. Industrial backup generators need an industrial generator switch, designed to handle different voltages.

Working with electricity requires expertise and Combined Electrical is a trusted partner for all electrical repairs and maintenance work, including the installment of a transfer switch to a backup generator.